XENOPHONIA*, the project of Jazz Fest Sarajevo is planned as an annual musical event whose aim is to contribute to improvement of music production in the region through improving cross-border cooperation, a better flow and quality of information and promotions, as well as the development of production in the artistic and technical sense.

Besides making it possible to connect musicians from Bosnia-Herzegovina, the region and the rest of the world, Xenophonia will organize and present joint projects of local and international artists, and those premieres will be part of concert programs. At the same time, this event is a platform for the realization of educational programs that include the organization of workshops for the musicians from Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region, who will not only attend concerts of the excellent musicians, but, in addition, will have the opportunity to attend their master classes and gain new experiences and contacts necessary to further their musical development.

The organizers of concerts and festivals in the region, as well as journalists from the region and Europe, will attend Xenophonia programs. Xenophonia will in this way enable the meeting and getting to know the festival organizers and journalists with artists from the region, their projects and music.

Xenophonia, in its concert programs, will allow audiences a rare chance to meet the new context of familiar musicians whom they may already have had the opportunity to listen to at Jazz Fest Sarajevo, but this time giving the audience a unique opportunity to attend a premiere of the new projects of musicians of different generations, which will at the same time provide a new experience for all participants of the program, and hopefully, help the further development of production in B-H and the region and thus help the international promotion of the upcoming local and regional programs.

* (med.) A speech defect marked by an alteration in accent and intonation

* title of Bojan Z album /Label Bleu 2006/